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Great design is not just about aesthetics, it's about telling a story.

As a flexible full-stack #golang developer, I craft innovative digital solutions for a range of clients, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. I expertly combine front-end, back-end, and infrastructure elements to deliver smooth user experiences that align with your brand. By leveraging advanced hosting and robust CDNs, I optimize your online presence, connecting with customers worldwide while adhering to budget and time constraints. My proficiency in scalable, adaptable solutions ensures your digital assets flourish during growth and change.

By incorporating SEO best practices, I not only provide outstanding digital experiences but also elevate search rankings, enhancing your business's visibility and success. Partner with me as your full-stack developer to transform your ideas into impactful digital assets that engage customers and propel your business forward.


2014 - Present

Rogers Communications Inc.

Full Stack Golang Developer

Collaborated with a diverse team to create a user-friendly dashboard that simplified call center data, enhancing the ability of managers to oversee operations.

Led a small team of three in combining data from different sources to develop a clear and easy-to-understand visualization tool for decision-making by executives at all levels. Despite challenges posed by COVID, we successfully supported sales teams with customer-focused dashboards, achieving the highest business retention rate in the company.

Our work contributed to a significant reduction in operational costs by providing accurate insights for informed decision-making, as showcased by a case study that demonstrated over $5 million in cost savings.

To build these dashboards, we used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the front-end, and Golang for the back-end. This approach allowed us to meet two important goals: enabling management to make data-driven decisions based on crucial KPIs, and helping call center agents align their actions with performance targets, thus boosting overall efficiency and effectiveness.

2012 - 2014

UpSling Inc.

Project Manager

Led team coordination to ensure prompt completion of project milestones, effectively managing budget constraints and limited resources while maintaining project momentum. Actively raised funds and supervised the development of two major projects, including one for the Canadian military:

SiloVerse (a language translation app)
Connect 4 (a contact management and CRM tool)

Played a crucial role in quality assurance testing, dedicating significant effort to improve user experience and guarantee top-notch product performance for end-users. Demonstrated exceptional leadership and project management abilities, skillfully directing teams and resources to achieve desired outcomes on schedule and within budget limits.

2010 - 2012

Keilhauer Inc.

Junior Developer

Participated in designing and developing an all-inclusive inventory management system, creating wireframes and prototypes for an easy-to-use interface that ensured smooth navigation and an improved user experience.

Designed and executed a powerful system that connected multiple databases, simplifying data retrieval and management for greater efficiency. Collaborated effectively with team members and stakeholders, offering insights and technical knowledge to deliver a customized, high-performance inventory management solution that met organizational needs, on time and within budget.


2005 - 2009

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

York University

While pursuing my Business Administration degree, I sought additional credits in finance and marketing, showcasing my dedication to broadening my skills and comprehending diverse business sectors. This comprehensive education laid a strong foundation in business abilities, promoting growth and expertise in multiple areas.

A significant accomplishment was my involvement in a high-impact project for the Toronto Aids Foundation. This project not only earned praise from the board of directors but also resulted in a job offer, highlighting my ability to excel in important endeavors and apply my knowledge to tackle real-world issues.

2000 - 2003

Electromechanical Engineering Technology

Centennial College

During my three-year Robotics Engineering program at Centennial College, I built a strong foundation in intricate systems and programming. This well-rounded education not only nurtured my growth in technical areas but also taught me valuable lessons in time management, balancing business constraints with technical solutions, and readiness for real-world challenges.

Focusing on the complexities of advanced systems, I gained a deeper understanding of the intersection between technology and business. The skills and knowledge I acquired during this program have prepared me to excel in my career, empowering me to make significant contributions to the constantly evolving landscape of technology-driven industries.




Skill level: expert

Google's language to speed up youtube.


Skill level: intermediate

Firefox's language to build safe and fast programs.


Skill level: intermediate

Apple's language to build iPhone apps.



Skill level: proficient

Crafting responsive, modern designs.


Skill level: proficient

Styling the web with flair.


Skill level: proficient

Foundation of web content.


Skill level: expert

Breathing life into websites.

Tailwind CSS

Skill level: proficient

Streamlined, customizable styling.

Deverloper Operations


Skill level: proficient

Bridging development and operations.


Skill level: expert

Effortless app containerization.


Skill level: proficient

Essential software version control tool.


Skill level: expert

Collaborative code hosting hub.

Google Cloud Platform

Skill level: expert

Flexible, scalable cloud services.


Skill level: proficient

Powerful open-source OS.

General Computing


Skill level: proficient

Innovative solutions to complex problems.


Skill level: expert

Bridging services for seamless integration.

Cloud Computing

Skill level: expert

On-demand, remote infrastructure.


Skill level: proficient

Organizing, securing vast data.

Operating Systems

Skill level: proficient

Managing core system software.


Skill level: expert

Guarding valuable digital assets.

General Business

Budget Management

Skill level: expert

Mastering financial resource allocation.


Skill level: expert

Art of impactful information exchange.


Skill level: proficient

Win-win agreements through strategy.

Project Management

Skill level: proficient

Guiding teams to success.


Skill level: proficient

Driving revenue with persuasion.

Time Management

Skill level: proficient

Learning to prioritize.

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